We recognise the need to improve the positive and reduce the negative impact that our business has
on the environment, community and society as a whole.

The Company is aware of the amount of paper, cardboard and other waste materials our business generates.

We take an active interest in what happens to that material once its primary use has been fulfilled
and its ultimate effect on the environment.

We have therefore decided to enhance our on-going waste reduction objectives and
implement the
following procedures that:

– Do not knowingly damage our environment or society.

– Do not restrict lawful access or enjoyment of the environment or society by others.

– Promote sustainable improvements (where we have an influence) in the environment and
enhance the society within which we work.

We will support this policy by implementing the following procedures:

– All waste paper, junk mail, documentation, etc, must be returned to the office for recycling in the most
appropriate way that does not compromise our clients, employees, company or the environment.

– All printer cartridges, toners, etc, to be returned to the supplier in the envelopes provided for recycling.

– Print on environmentally sustainable paper stocks.

– Support and encourage the use of recycling banks for bottles, cans and other waste materials
brought into the place of work.

– Seek professional advice where needed to adopt further practices that result in less waste pollution or damage.

– Support local initiatives that create a better society for everyone to enjoy.

Weee & RoHs

We encourage the design of all our lighting products with environmentally-safe recycling and recovery in mind.

All dangerous and restricted material / goods are disposed of thoughtfully and correctly.

This policy is promoted throughout our company and will be reflected in all business decisions wherever possible.